Week 14: One-Week Extension – Final Animatic & Essay Draft

After taking advantage of my automatic 7-day extension, I have spent time in completing all of the pre-production elements which will be used to piece together my final short-film.

I have been able to complete a final animatic which provides the overall look of my final project. In addition, I have also added to my character turnarounds which provide almost a 360-degree view of all characters and ultimately, should be easier for when it comes to animating each of them.

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Week 13: Final Presentation


Week 13’s session of Animation Research and Practice, was the final presentation morning shortly before the midnight deadline. All group members were expected to present all of their pre-production work to both lecturers, Sam and Ross.

After stating to both lecturers and the rest of group about my 7-day extension, I proceeded to show all of the visual elements to my project. These included final character designs, character turnarounds, scraps of images (both primary and secondary used to create background layers), a 2nd draft of the audio and shots of the final animatic, which is what I’m currently piecing together.

(Please see visual elements of pre-production work below…)

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Week 12: Final Presentation Before Christmas. Or the Story So Far…


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During today’s session, it was a case of showing our lecturer, Sam, our progress so far with regards to our personal projects, all before breaking off for Christmas.

I showed Sam my new character designs as well as scraps of images used to create new backgrounds.

Given the workload, I began to wonder as to whether I was going to meet every little target for the original deadline. As a statemented student, I had the privilege of taking out a 7-day extension, something in which I was contemplating in doing. I discussed this with Sam, whom ultimately approved of it. I intend to apply for this by the end of the week.

Week 11: A Slight Change of Plan in The Production Style

Unfortunately, due to sickness, I was absent from today’s tutorial sessions. Nevertheless, I was still able to show Sam and Ross my progress so far via email.

In the last week, a great deal has changed with regards to my work style. As I have struggled greatly with trying to recruit actors through ‘Star-Now’ and student actors, I have decided to take the route of using 2D-animated characters implemented over a live-action background.

In addition, I have also spent time in filming rough reference footage to determine as to what the overall film could look like.

I have been able to retrieve initial illustration designs of my characters, which I have taken into TV-Paint to refine them and create final designs from.

Indicated below is a copy of the email that I sent Sam and Ross in light of my absence. The final character designs shown below are as follows. From top left to bottom right is a final design of Craig (both in a hood and without), shopkeeper Dhaval, facial expression boards of Ed, and a final design of Ed.

(Please see email attachment and final character design images below…)


Week 10: Surprisingly, More Writing, Less Practical

Over the course of last week, my priority has been steered more towards the essay and research aspect of the module. As a result, I may have somewhat fallen behind with certain aspects of the practical work.

During the week, I attempted to contact the librarian of the City Campus, Tom Hicks, for advice on finding academic resources to include into my essay. Unfortunately, I caught him at his busiest times. Therefore, I couldn’t book an appointment as of this week. Nevertheless, I intend to continue my attempts to do this in the next week, so that I have an appropriate list of academic resources to work from.

Week Nine: Development of Animatic and making tweaks to essay.


Today’s session, involved the usual routine of giving our lecturer, Sam, an update of our working progress so far. The remainder of the session was entirely tutorial based, involving us to further discuss with Sam our progress so far, on a 1:1 basis.

I spent approximately five minutes, showing the progress of my project with the rest of the group. To date, I have improved my animatic to give a clearer understanding of the overall narrative. The only downfall, was that I wanted to have produced a rough cut of the project using live-action. Due to lack of time, I ultimately chose to present the animatic in 2D from the storyboard images that I had previously created.

Earlier this week, I had the plan of booking out a camera, along with the motion-capture room and borrowing a friend to help me out with the acting element. I then intended to ‘sew’ each video together to give an insight as to what the overall piece could potentially look like. After failing to achieve this in the week, I have the intention of doing so for next time.

On the other hand, I have received three potential and interested actor applicants for my project. This was after setting up a job-list via my ‘Star-Now’ account. Unfortunately, after inviting all three, only one stood out. Nevertheless, I intend to keep up the search in a bid to film before the Christmas break. My back-up plan involves, advertising to the drama students of the Walsall Campus to determine whether anyone would be interested in getting involved. Alternatively, the 2D-animation with live-action, compositional backgrounds would be a final resort.