Pre-Week Thirteen: …Or The Week After Week Twelve

During a few hours of today, I spent time adding my own replica of the ETC logo to the end of my project.

I began with using an online image of the ‘Emergency Telecommunications Cluster’ (ETC) logo. It then involved tracing over the image in ‘TV-Paint’. I spent time drawing over the main logo and letters whilst making slight changes to it. Just to be safe, I didn’t want to replicate the original design to avoid plagiarism. At the same time, I have used a black background and placed the Earth diagram (which appears at the end) above the ETC logo.

After taking the rendered clips into Adobe Premiere Pro, it was then just a case of using the ‘wipe’ transition to merge both images and clips together. I even adjusted the position and scale of my ETC logo image. This was so that the ‘wipe’ transition, would show the background and the logo swiping past the Earth diagram as it remained in its place.

In addition, I have reduced the amount of hospital symbols that appear on the globe towards the very end. Originally, there were ten, which could’ve potentially dazzled the audience with so many visual elements. I resolved this, by narrowing them down to just seven.

During last week, it was briefly mentioned by my lecturer, Emily, that there were a few transitional glitches during the animation. One of which, included the globe of the UN logo instantly shrinking, before transforming into a pair of hands holding a contaminated Earth. This was an easy fix as it was just a case of altering the transitions between both clips. The globe now appears to shrink as it transitions into the contaminated Earth.

(Please see link attachment below of video. Further clips can be viewed via my Vimeo page…)


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