Week Twelve: Just Adding a Few Final Touches…

One more academic week to go! In the last week, this has really just been a case of making final tweaks to my overall project. This is so that it looks presentable to Jamie and for the purpose of marking.

After feedback during last week’s lecture, Jamie mentioned that there were still some minor issues with some of the visual elements. He stated that the three wave layers did seem to look a bit a like a convoy of blue sharks. This was mainly because they looked more like fins as oppose to water waves. The second issue was the diagram of the ‘ETC Satellite’. Apparently, it was stated by a staff-member of ‘Stones Throw’, that it resembled the look of a ‘wrecking ball’.

In addition, the hospital symbols that appear at the end, needed a slight tweak as it was said that there were too many of them. It was also said that they appeared to resemble the look of ‘Play-Doh’ tubs. I aim to make amendments to this in the upcoming weeks.

In the last week, I have recreated the wave layers by taking out one, and enlarging the other two. I also curved the tops of each wave to get rid of the points that originally made them look like shark fins. In addition, I’ve added shading and mesh to the ETC satellite so that it now resembles one, rather than a wrecking ball.

As today’s session was entirely tutorial-based, I showed an updated version of my project to my lecturer, Emily, and received feedback shortly after. Overall, she was satisfied with my working progress. Now, it was just a case of ironing out any small visual glitches and adding the ETC logo at the end. I have the intention of doing this before the Christmas break.

(Please see link attachment of video down below…)


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