Week 11: A Slight Change of Plan in The Production Style

Unfortunately, due to sickness, I was absent from today’s tutorial sessions. Nevertheless, I was still able to show Sam and Ross my progress so far via email.

In the last week, a great deal has changed with regards to my work style. As I have struggled greatly with trying to recruit actors through ‘Star-Now’ and student actors, I have decided to take the route of using 2D-animated characters implemented over a live-action background.

In addition, I have also spent time in filming rough reference footage to determine as to what the overall film could look like.

I have been able to retrieve initial illustration designs of my characters, which I have taken into TV-Paint to refine them and create final designs from.

Indicated below is a copy of the email that I sent Sam and Ross in light of my absence. The final character designs shown below are as follows. From top left to bottom right is a final design of Craig (both in a hood and without), shopkeeper Dhaval, facial expression boards of Ed, and a final design of Ed.

(Please see email attachment and final character design images below…)



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