Week Eleven: Almost the Icing on the Cake?

In the last week, I have spent time in making further visual tweaks to my project as requested by my client, Jamie, via email.

In previous weeks, Jamie mentioned about how the ‘campaign warning tune’ at the beginning, was somewhat overemphasised. The original tune went from the note C to G, and he mentioned that just using one elongated note could simplify the introduction. As a result, I got rid of the G note and elongated the C. If this fails, then I aim to try the same effect with the G note, in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, I made further major sound and visual changes to my project. Jamie requested that we were to all use a backing soundtrack in our projects to enhance the feel of the animation. As a result, this was a key task for me, during this week. I used YouTube to find an appropriate soundtrack that would suit the animation style and most importantly, the subject itself.

The soundtrack had to be copyright-free, so that we wouldn’t get done for crediting secondary work and nor would Jamie’s company, ‘Stone’s Throw’. After browsing YouTube for a short while, I finally found the perfect resource. This was a compilation video of background soundtracks that many YouTube personalities use. They were all copyright-free, so inevitably, I could take my pick.

Choosing a soundtrack that went under the name of ‘Carefree’, I found this was a soft and gentle melody which aimed to compliment the scene and narrative of my project overall. I felt this worked relatively well.

In terms of the visual aspect, I adapted the waves from their original squiggly lines, to three diagram layers which resembled the appearance of waves. Each layer would travel at a slightly different time to give off the ‘mild, wavy, sea’ effect.

(Please see link attachment of video down below…)


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