Brief Ideas for Portfolios

Keane- Nothing In My Way: Although the single was originally released in 2006, there was never an official, or even, any kind of music video that was released to accompany the song. Nevertheless, as I listened to the song repeatedly throughout my childhood, there was a clear and consistent idea that sprung to mind. This was every time I listened to it.

I imagined that the music video would be constructed using 2D-animation, and set in the countryside where the band would be performing in a field or meadow. The narrative of the music video centres on a young boy (around 8 years of age). He is seen to be wearing a dark blue overcoat and carrying a small, brown suitcase. Lost near the country fields, he’s trying to find his way home. The young boy comes across ‘a tell-tale sign’ which is mentioned in the second chorus. This is in an attempt to find directions back to his home town. Before the final chorus, an old black cab drives along the street. The young boy gets in the taxi, which continues to travel down the road, puffing out mild smoke-clouds from the exhaust.

During the choruses, the camera would pan through the eye of lead singer, Tom Chaplin, and continue to travel along a trail of random objects. Two versions of Tom would also be seen lip-syncing at either side of the trail. The camera would zoom back out of Tom’s right eye and occasionally cut back to the narrative.

For approximately, the last sixty seconds of the video, the camera would show each band-member in still motion. From this, the camera would zoom out and travel along the skyline (as a crane-shot) where the taxi cab (carrying the small child) can still be seen hurtling down the country lane. The camera continues the rapidly pan through the country fields (revealing a group of flying crows). Finally, it pans up to the sky as the sun is seen to be going down.

TwentyOne Pilots- The Judge: A song released by the Ohio-based duo on their 2015 album, ‘Blurryface’. Again, there was no official music video for the song, probably because it was never released as a separate single.

As I listened to the song, I had this idea in mind of a young male, dressed up in the clothing of the Mad Hatter from the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ franchise. The beginning scene, demonstrates him carefully helping a pocket-sized elderly man (dressed up as a leprechaun) as he appears from his secret hide-out. The main performer, dressed up as the Mad-Hatter, is seen to be playing the song on a small ukulele as he wonders cheerfully through a country park or nature reserve. He’s also seen to be jumping cheerfully around the place and bowing with his top hat off. During the bridge of the song, he is seen indoors playing an upright piano, on stage, in an empty venue.


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