Week Ten: The ‘Almost-Completed’ Article. Just a Few Tweaks Here and There…


Between week’s nine and ten, I have spent time in completing the overall animation of my ETC Campaign project.

After working on from five different composition tabs, I then spent time in ‘sewing’ all clips together from After Effects, into Premiere Pro. Once rendered and exported, I uploaded the clip to my Vimeo page and emailed a copy over to client, Jamie.

Thanks to Jamie’s prompt, email reply, I was able to instantly make small tweaks to the animation. Jamie broke the feedback down into key points, and annotated each with a time-indication of when each obstacle was happening. Overall, he seemed to be pleased with my progress so far, although there were a few weaknesses throughout that I needed to address.

I was informed that I needed to alter the main yellow background as it seemed to blend in with the colour of the ETC satellite. There was a misposition of the left house as it sat on top of the globe. It was preferred that the water-flow (engulfing the overall scene) would have a lot more of a curve around the mask as it did still appear to be too ‘pointy’. It was also suggested that I could make the hands (which type away on the laptop) a little less static.

(Please see email reference below…)


Hi Daniel,
Thanks for providing an almost finished article! I think your general idea and flow is working well, the timing is near enough bang on so i have no complaints with the order of events! If anything now, i think we’re in the stages of tweaking and polishing as there are a few rough edges. I’m going to bring up some time stamps with comments related to it;
  • 00, i’m still not a fan of this yellow background on blue. Is there anything else that you could play with to help compliment the colours on screen?
  • 00, Left house doesn’t sit on planet quite correctly. There is a gap. 
  • 04, see if you can smooth out this water transition.
  • 06, maybe reposition the tower to dominate more of the screen and animate it so that the red X is the cause of the top being pushed off? 
  • 11-12, the colour transition is a bit sudden here. You could potentially make the ETC dish larger to wipe the screen and shrink into place which could act as a colour transition?
  • 18, the UN logo blue doesn’t match the background blue. 
  • 17-19, the UN logo seems to fidget quite a bit, snapping and popping into different positions. 
  • 19, I think that we can make this red ball situation a little cleaner because it’s a little jarring seeing both the earth and red cover forming at the same time. I like the idea of the UN logo becoming the planet, it’s a perfect fit. See if you can think of a way to make this a bit more tidy. 
Other than that, it just needs some little TLC here and there. I think the laptop bit works well and although the animation is just up and down of the hands, the sfx makes it fun to watch. Thanks Daniel. 

Kind Regards
Jamie Cartwright
Professional doodler 

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