Week Nine: Further Tweaks to Image & Sound

In the last week, I have continued to make tweaks to the soundtrack and overall visual element to my ETC Campaign project.

Using Adobe After Effects, I have continued to work on the five different composition tabs to complete the animation. On the other hand, the most challenging part of the project was the final sequence. This of course, is based on the UN logo separating off into three different sections, before morphing into a pair of hands, holding an Ebola-contaminated globe.

Initially, the transition of the UN Logo into the Earth and hands was feared to be risky and difficult. Nevertheless, I found a way through this and discovered that with a little use of masking and altering the size and position of the logo, it was proved to be a success. To do this, I had to separate the two branches and the globe of the UN logo and place them into three different layers. This meant that I could partition the branches by altering the position of both sides so that they would fall almost to the bottom of the screen. From this, I layered the hands and globe over the top. I then ‘key-framed’ all three masks from the UN logo, so that they would morph and gradually transition into the hands and globe.

In addition, I spent time in masking a red-tint which engulfs the Earth from both branches. The main aim of this, was to represent the Ebola contamination. I also layered an illustration of my red-tinted globe over the top of the original globe, to add to the transition.

The masking of the red-tinted Earth was altered, so that it would swipe from top to bottom to represent ‘curing of the Earth’. I also shrunk the size of the globe using the ‘scale’ icon. This was to enable room for the green tick which appears at the end and is accompanied with a pinging sound effect. Both hands drop, before this manoeuvre takes place.

Please see video reference attached below…


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