Week Seven: Initial Stages of the Animation

In the last week, I have developed my second animatic by transforming it into the initial draft of an animation. This was done using Adobe After Effects.

I originally planned to create the ‘ETC Campaign’ animation, by using the motion graphic technique and have continued to do so. Using illustrations of diagrams from my original animatic, I have imported these into After Effects. Unfortunately, the first issue I faced, was after I exported just the ‘diagram layer’ from my original TV-Paint file. It seemed to play back with a black background. Thus, it made it much harder to ‘mask’ and ‘key-light’ in After Effects.

After a few attempts, I decided to screen-shot each diagram illustration from ‘TV-Paint’ and brush them up with a green background. This was to essentially create the ‘green screen’ effect, meaning that I could ‘key-light’ the background and ‘mask’ around the object. I realised in time, that it was easier to navigate each illustration around the screen. As far as it stands, I now have an initial draft of around the first 15 seconds of the animation. Changes from the previous animatic include, a smoother transition (where the houses pop up from the Earth diagram) a ‘masked solid’ (made into a tidal wave which engulfs the screen) and the split effect (of the phone mast).

Please see video clip below of animation as it stands so far. Recreated in Adobe After Effects…


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