Week Six: Cut Down of Script & Storyboard Refinement

In the first part of today’s Animation Research and Practice session, we began with the usual routine of giving our lecturer, Sam, a brief update of our progress so far with our projects.

In the last week, I have negotiated with Sam to cut-down the length of my script from three pages to at least two, if not one. I spent some time in altering the language of the dialogue as it was relatively strong, which could’ve resulted in limiting my target audience. Still keeping a copy of my first draft, I tweaked the dialog and timed out the reading pace and stage directions. The initial length was around 3 minutes, 40 seconds. As a result, I had to even go as far as to adapt the storyline.

The film originally began with the main protagonist, Ed, leaving the house, greeting passers-by, arriving the shop, before having to resolve the robbery.

After chopping down my script, I adapted the story so that it would begin with the burglar, Craig, running from the shop. The shopkeeper, Dhaval, runs out in distress. Ed asks Dhaval about what has just happened to which he is filled in about the incident. Unfortunately, after timing the script for the second time, it still seemed too long, after only shaving one minute of dialog off.

I realised that I had a fairly large issue here with regards to how the story was going to pan out. If I chopped the script down any more than I already had, the overall film would look incredibly rushed and possibly even pointless. As a result, I decided to somewhat change the storyline of the film for the final time.

I changed the story idea so that the main antagonist, Craig, would narrate in the style of a flashback. Now locked away in a prison cell, serving a 14-year armed-robbery sentence, Craig narrates throughout the film as recollects his latest crime. The film begins with him lying on a prison bed thinking about his actions. The scene then cuts back to the chase between Ed and Craig after the armed-robbery. Scenes of the chase and arrest are shown before cutting back to Craig finishing his monologue from within the prison cell. The camera gradually zooms away from Craig’s cell, down the corridor and then fading to black.

I spent some time in developing some fresh and final storyboards of the finished film idea before showing them to Sam, this morning. The next stop, an animatic!

During part 2 of today’s session, we were given the task to figure out the methods, along with fields and disciplines that our essay plans relate to.



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