Week Six: Initial Show Reel, Sound Editing & General Tweaking

Between week’s five and six, I have continued to make alterations to my current project using TV-Paint.

After feedback from Jamie, last week, I was informed of the background colour (originally blue) seemed to blend in with the globe diagram. After some time, I decided to adapt the colour to orange as I believe it would replicate part of the ETC colour code.

As well as the bridge between the animatic and animation, I have also worked on adding a few sound effects to the audio aspect. These accompany the dialogue and intend to bring the overall animation to life. The audio begins with a brief piano tune from note C to G. This is followed by a wave sound effect and seagulls, which can be heard in the background. When the hands appear to type away on the laptop, this is accompanied with the typing sound effect. The last sound effect to be heard in the animation is the ‘dinging’ sound effect, which accompanies the tick that appears to indicate the curing of the Earth.

Please see video clip below, which demonstrates refinements made in the last week…



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