Week Five: Colour-Scripting Storyboards and Further Research for Essay

In the last week, I have spent time in attempting to create a colour script from initial rough storyboards. I also made a second edit of my production script.

After showing my storyboard/background experiments to Sam this morning, it was stated that it was missing the criteria. Admittedly, I had spent the week just experimenting with re-creating the backgrounds of my rough storyboards using TV-Paint.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t had given myself a great deal of time to complete other tasks as I paid a lot of attention to the detail of the background images. I had the intention of drawing over the characters from the storyboards and merging both the backgrounds and characters together. This was before creating a copy of both and converting it into a colour script. Ultimately, I only managed to create a few initial background ideas.

In terms of my production script, I had created a second edit by subtlising the language used in the dialog as I believe it was somewhat extreme during the first draft.


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