Week Four: Further Research, Scripting & Resources for Dissertation

Between week’s three and four, I met up with Remel, once again to discuss both mine and his progress so far with the practical aspect.

My main priority for this week was to produce a first draft of my script. I spent time in completing this to fit the visuals in my rough storyboards. Ultimately, it was three pages long and the dialogue did contain elements of strong language and adult humour. I chose this intentionally as I thought it may suit the production style. This of course, involved an intense police-chase using live action footage. On the other hand, I still need to read the script over once again, to figure out whether the length of the overall narrative is too long.

Given the production style of my short film project, I have the intention of keeping in the strong language and adult humour element. Nevertheless, if all fails, then I intend to subtilise this, should it be a piece that appeals to a wider audience.

(Please find document of script first draft indicated in post)


Potential Essay Subjects:

  • Use of VFX and Animation in Modern Media
  • Use of VFX and Animation in Modern Trends
  • The Evolution of VFX and Animation in Popular Culture
  • The use of VFX in Music Videos
  • VFX vs. 2D Animation in Music Videos

Dissertation Resources:


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