Week Four: Parting Ways and Redeveloping Ideas

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Over the course of this week, a lot of changes have happened with regards to development of me and my partner- Emily’s, ideas.

After verbal feedback from Jamie and Emily (our lecturer) during last week’s presentation, we were informed that we were providing too many ideas for Jamie in one go. It was believed that me and Emily had completely different ideas and opinions that we wanted to get across to him, in a period of one presentation as oppose to collaborating them.

During the week, Emily and I spoke about the decision as to whether we wanted to continue working as a pair or go our separate ways. Ultimately, we mutually decided to part ways and work solo due to having differences with animation styles/techniques, work styles and overall ideas.

As a result of us splitting, I continued to work on my original sketch ideas. I recreated the first half of mine and Emily’s original idea using my script and visual sketches. At the same time, I made some tweaks to the last half of the storyboard after receiving feedback from last week. I altered the colour of the medic symbol from a red cross with a white background, to a white with green background. This was mainly because the original idea did seem to replicate the George Cross flag of England as oppose to a hospital.

In addition, I made some changes to the transitions in the last half of my storyboards. I ultimately decided to scrap the ball with the red cross. Instead, I used the idea of having the UN logo from the laptop to transform into a pair of hands. This would hold an Ebola-contaminated Earth as it received ‘treatment’. From this, ten hospital symbols with a white cross and green background would then pop out from the Earth, draining out the red-tint. The hospitals would then disappear into the Earth to reveal it as being cleansed. Finally, a green tick below the Earth symbol would be displayed and a pinging sound effect would accompany it.

(Please find the link to the initial line test below…)



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