Week Three: Official Treatment for Final Film Project

My overall film idea is centred on an armed robbery chase. I’ve also decided use a combination of live-action footage with either a stop-frame or compositional background. The total length of my final film idea is 90 seconds, which is the maximum length to meet the criteria of the module.

In the fictional town of Ethingsdale, in Blacksithshire, the initial scene is set in a quiet, suburban street, with rows of cars and terrace houses. The scene then demonstrates the principle character, Ed, writing down a shopping list. He then sets off down the street which appears peaceful and settled. Arriving at the local corner shop, a suspicious-looking male is seen to be slyly stealing from the shelves. Ed spots this, before instantly ordering the burglar, Craig, to remain where he is. The shopkeeper, Dhaval, instantly recognises the incident and raises the alarm. After threatening the shop with a bagged gun, Craig flees the scene, to which a street chase begins between Ed and Craig. Police cars can then be seen rushing around the corner. Ed finally catches up with Craig in an alleyway and makes a citizen’s arrest. Craig is finally arrested and Ed is praised by nearby witnesses.

In terms of technique and animation style, I have decided to base the final project around using live action characters. This is providing I can find appropriate actors to portray each character. At the same time, I intend to merge live-action with a stop-frame or compositional background. An overall soundtrack will also be used to compliment the mood or setting of the narrative, just as long as it isn’t a copyright matter. The overall editing pace will consist mainly of quick cuts between each shot. This will be mainly when the street chase begins. For the first half of the sequence, the camera will cut to a different shot approximately five seconds at a time. The scene as a whole will consist mainly of a vibrant colour pattern.

In terms of the production aspect, my main intention is to use programs such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and possibly Audition to merge the different audio elements together. The target audience of my piece is still unverified as I’m not entirely sure as to what the boundaries are in terms of content. If I could get away with content containing strong language and adult humour, then I intend to raise the standards to that level. Failing that, then I may need to adapt the content so that it suits a wider audience range.


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