Week Three: Character Ideas and Descriptions

Between week’s two and three, I have produced a few rough character illustrations and written up what is known in the production industry as a ‘treatment’.

In production terms, a ‘treatment’ is somewhat similar to a proposal, in the sense that it aims to describe the narrative of a production and the elements that are used to put it all together. I discussed the key aspects of my final project including plotline, production style, length of film, location of story, actions taken to meet weekly targets e.g. recruiting actors, research (primary and secondary), camera shots, colour pallet, programs used and target audience etc.

(Please see official treatment in previous blog post)

As well as writing up the treatment, I have drawn up a few rough character illustrations of the characters that are included in my final short film. Although the characters in my project are live-action, I wanted to give an insight to Sam and Ross, but most importantly, future actors, with regards to the sort of people I’m looking to use in my short film. These include, Ed (main protagonist), Craig (main antagonist), Dhaval, (a British shopkeeper of Indian descent who calls the police on Craig) and passers-by (whom appear close to the beginning of the narrative).

(Please see character ideas and descriptions down below…)


006-copy-2Ed Marchier- The main protagonist of the narrative. A young man, aged 21, who lives with his housemate, Scott. He is of average height, with a slim build and dark hair.
006-copyScott Walters- Ed’s housemate, who is briefly seen at the beginning, giving him a verbal list of what is required in terms of household essentials. Aged 24, he is of average build, slightly shorter than Ed and has light brown hair.

006Craig Western (The Burglar)- The prime antagonist of the narrative, who attempts to rob the local corner shop using a bagged water-pistol to resemble a real gun. Aged 22, he is seen to be wearing a black hoodie with jeans and white trainers. He is quite tall in height, with a stocky build and shaved hair.

004Dhaval (The Shopkeeper)- One of the secondary protagonists of the narrative. He is a fifty-something shopkeeper of Indian descent, who raises the alarm when there’s the robbery threat, caused by Craig. He is of average height, slightly overweight and bald.

The Customers- The extra characters, approximately five in the shot who recoil in shock when Craig pulls out a water pistol, which is disguised as a bagged gun.

The Passers-by- Other extra characters, approximately five whom pass by in the shot. This consists of a married couple, two cyclists and a skateboarder.


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