Week Two: Initial Stages of Research

Over the course of this week, I have teamed up with a fellow group member to discuss ways and means of adapting our overall project ideas.

I teamed up with fellow group member, Remel, who is studying live-action combined with visual and special effects, the same field that I’m specialising in. After some careful consideration, I ultimately decided that my second idea, involving an armed robbery chase, felt the most effective for me to work on. This is mainly because of its multiple use of characters and scene changes. My original plan for idea two, was to use a stop-frame background with either 2D or stop-frame animated characters which is combined with a live-action character.

After presenting my ideas to Sam and Ross, I was advised to go down the route of making the whole of idea two live-action, but possibly combine elements of animation into the piece. This of course, could be elements of visual effects. It was even suggested that the live-action characters could perform in an over-exaggerated manner.

I have looked at other videos that have used live-action as the main base, but combined elements of 2d-animation. This technique has been used in many British projects, especially in TV adverts and music videos. I have also looked at works that have used live-action in the foreground, but elements of visual effects in the background.

(Please see video references below…)


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