Week One: The Pre-Production Phase


Week One’s lecture of the ‘Animation Research and Practice’ module began with an introduction to the assignment. All group members gave a presentation about their upcoming project ideas for the module.

Some group members have decided to produce a portfolio, whilst others have decided to focus on the narrative aspect. I chose to centre my area of study more towards the visual effects and live action aspect.

My first idea was based on an ‘in-car’ scene. The main format would be filmed using live-action, whilst the second main character would be in 2D or stop-frame. The idea would focus on the main character (in live-action) taking the animated character on a car journey around the streets of Wolverhampton. The animated character, however, is some-what clumsy and a ‘bit of a pest’. As a result, he ultimately makes a slight mess of the car.

Idea two, was centred on an ‘armed robbery chase’, by where a live-action character would chase a 2D or stop-frame animated character down the street. I’m still in question as to whether I want use 2D or stop-frame animation. At this moment, I am steered more towards 2D animation as I have found over time that it’s much easier to adapt and manipulate as oppose to stop-frame.


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