Week One: Introduction to The Assignment… and Client (In This Matter)

Week One’s lecture of the ‘Professional Animation Project’ module was based on an introduction to the assignment. We were also introduced to a client, who our work within the module, must cater for.

The whole group were briefed about the assessment task of this module by Emily. We were then informed that the module involved creating ideas for projects, which must cater for a production client outside of the university. Our client was Jamie Cartwright, who is from the company ‘Stones Throw Media’, which is based in Wolverhampton.

Jamie is an ex-Animations student from the Univeristy of Wolverhampton. He came in this morning to discuss the subject that he wanted all of us to work on. On a weekly basis, we were expected to feed back to him with our input, via email. The subject that Jamie wanted us to focus on, was how the ‘Emergency Telecommunications Cluster’ deals with maintaining mass communication between worldwide organisations, and even loved-ones. When a major incident such as an Earthquake or Tsunami strikes, the ETC is a vital resource.

Jamie gave us a folder with all of the documents we are going to need in order to pitch and construct ideas. This included, a soundtrack of the dialog and a written script (which we could annotate with our own ideas).

Over the course of next week, we are expected to develop a script with our own interpretations of the ‘ET Cluster’ subject. The dialog itself has a total length of twenty-one seconds, meaning that the animation clip can’t be any longer than that. I have already thought of some effective ideas that may work, with regards to narrating the ‘ETC’ scenario.


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